Yoga relaxation exercises quiet the senses and lead us beneath the restless surface of the mind. Through relaxation we restore a sense of inner harmony, restore a profound state of balance, and create a resilient and stable mind even in the face of stress. Relaxation practice also sets the stage for meditation.

The simple act of sitting quietly in meditation will reset your body, mind, breath, and nervous system, and will lead to increased happiness, creativity, and productivity. In this guided meditation session you will learn how to create a comfortable meditation seat and be guided through the steps leading to meditation. Telehealth Consultations are also available.

60 minutes – $95

Yoga Practices to benefit and help alleviate and improve mental and physical ailments.  Yoga therapy works on all levels to awaken your inner healing potential allowing you to step onto the path of the complete living.  During a yoga therapy session, your yoga therapist listens to your history, assesses you current physical capacity and needs, and creates a personalized therapeutic program adapted to your unique concerns.  Telehealth Consultations Available