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Energy Therapy

It has been scientifically proven that we are all electromagnetic beings.  The heart is the strongest source of this electrical energy.  All Electrical energy emits a frequency and as electromagnetic beings we also emit a vibrational frequency.  The heart creates enough electrical energy to create a magnetic field surrounding our bodies which expands out 3 feet around our body.  All magnetic fields exchange information. Which means there is an energetic communication going on between people all the time.  


Our nervous system is attuned to these magnetic fields.  If our nervous system is feeling love and joy our body will renew itself and produce regenerative hormones.  If our body is feeling stressed, angry or overwhelmed our body will produce the stress hormones of cortisone and adrenaline and deplete our body of energy.  Emotions play a very important part of our health.  A very basic example is if you are within 3 feet from someone and they are feeling anger, fear or depression, you may absorb that persons energy and bring this into your body.  Then this energy which turns into an emotion gets stuck in your body for weeks, months or years and begins to create a new belief system causing you to feel angry, fearful or depressed which then starts to communicate with your cells and tissues.  Then you develop an autoimmune disease, which the body communicated that it cannot deal with the stressors of life.  And you wonder how this happened.

Many of us live 3 feet outside the body.  We do not live in the present moment.  All our energies are consumed with the past or the future and not the present, in the now.  When we live this way we disconnect with our communication to the body and mind.

There is another way to live that is much more richer and fulfilling.  Many of us are now realizing we have an inner stirring inside of us to find a life of love, joy, peace, harmony and connection.  Connection to ourselves and to our community.

With Energy Therapy you will access tools to get you into a state of being that will connect the heart and brain to communicate at a higher frequency.  Different techniques will be used to get you into a coherent state.  Coherence is a state that regenerates us; heals our body of dis-ease and possibly disease; effect our autonomic nervous system.

With Energy Therapy you will come into your heart and create positive changes that will bring more creativity, improve relationships, and even reorganize your physical body back to health.

Bend Holistic Healing
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